A house in Montmartre

We have been in Paris for two days now. We are in a lovely apartment in Montmartre. It is close to the Sacre Cour - perhaps a 10 minute walk up-hill. The apartment is owned by a Bengali lady who lives

Test data in JavaScript

This is a quick post about generating test data in JavaScript. I recently needed a number of addresses, emails and phone numbers for testing some code I’d written, and I was sure that somebody had fac

Getting started with Hexo

I decided to get back to blogging last week. I was looking an alternative to Wordpress, which I was tired of for many reasons: It felt big & slow It felt “closed” & old. It wasn’t developer f

Material Design with AngularJS

The back storyIn my earlier post, I had written about how I built a travel app in a couple of hours using Sabre and LumX. At the end of that post I wrote that I wasn’t very happy with the UI. LumX ha

My lover

A desire builds up inside meSlowly, like the pressing of watersAgainst the walls of the damI need to see you nowFor I haven’t met you in daysAnd I find it hard to breatheWhen I am not in your bosom. T

A Conundrum

You say I want to sabotageMy unique genius and talentsBy giving in to base desiresAnd giving up on my dreams. You say I am craven, weakUnfocused, unambitiousPurposeless, rudderless,No motivation, dire


I see what you see, I smell what you smellI hear what you hear, I dwell where you dwellYet I think what I think, I tell what I tellMy individual heaven, my own private hell. I grow older and wise, now

Nonsense verse with Nika

The cat laid an eggThe king went to begThe cow said bow wowThe clock said not now. The queen dressed in ragsThe servant took the bagsTo the market in the seaWhere the gold was for free! The shopkeeper

Too many words

When you dance or playThere’s no need to sayA word, give directionFor your movement is a languageMore ancient and articulateThan those in the Tower of Babel. And yet, we talk and speakThe mighty and t